Monday, 2 April 2012

Ozone Coffee Roasters, Shoreditch, East London, UK

On a rather epic day of coffee hunting I stumbled upon Ozone Coffee and all because I was eating a horrific coronation turkey sandwich from Pret. I stopped to gag, looked up and there they were; with the white letters spelling out  C O F F E E with an arrow painted directly on the brick work. I approached, I went in.

Only 3 weeks old and at the time of review not yet on the excellent London's Best Coffee App by Blue Crow Media finding Ozone was meant to be.

Ozone Coffee Roasters are a brand from New Zealand and as their name suggests are a cafe and roastery. I have to say from walking in there was something I liked about the place and my hopes were that the coffee would match my excitement.

A large space set over a ground and basement floor with the cafe up and the roastery down. The cafe area is divided  up by a large central all around bar with a single long "bar" space to drink at the front and a set of traditional booths at the back. 

They have the coffees on display to drink and buy as well as some slow drip set ups. A high ceiling, plenty of wood, brushed metal and attractive well turned out staff buzzing around made it a relaxing place to sit and enjoy.

Down in the roastery you had the big roaster, a training area, additional seating and some pretty cool toilets. The training area is a nice area that you can have open or closed and would be good for a meeting if you wanted to hire it out.

When you go down stairs your eye will be drawn to the micro roaster, go check it out. Man I want one of those.


As well as their espresso blend they also have a guest shot on, this is a lovely idea and normally a pleasure reserved for the filter drinkers out there. As ever I went for an Americano, the house blend this time and it was a dark one. 

The joe was shrouded in a thin layer of dark crema which with the oils in layers was traversing the surface like a demented weather pattern on an alien world. It came small and in a smart branded mug.

The taste was smooth and strong. A real bitter bite on the first sip but as my mouth acclimatized it brought forward some warm woody tones. The middle was a steady dry sweetness with low acidity. 

The strong deep flavours with that slight bitterness lasted through with just enough sweetness to make it sing. On the finish that low lying deep coffee, clean, dry tannin  flavour remained with me for some time.

  • Black Americano, drink in
  • £2.00
  • Strong
  • Dry, sweet with warm woody notes
  • Light but dark crema
  • Small cup
  • Beans: Ozone espresso blend
  • Machine: Synesso
  • Grinder: Mazer

A lovely well made coffee with good balance in flavour, size and strength. The best coffee I had all day from several established coffee houses. This new kid on the block is exciting, making premier coffee with all the trimmings. Give them a visit.

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