Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Café Delice, Brighton, UK

Went to a completely new café this morning right on the corner of the narrow lane that is Kensington Gardens. Café Delice was cosy with lots of nice things to eat well presented. They were serving coffee made from the reliable illy beans.

I didn’t have enough money on me and the lovely man let me off 40 Pence. What a dude!
Regular Black Americano

  • Medium strength
  • Sweet taste all the way through.
  • No bitter aftertaste.
  • No Crema
  • Small cup
  • £1.60
A great coffee and my review is not at all altered by the man letting me off. Sweet, not over espressed and not burnt. The only criticism would be that it could have been a little stronger.


The Flying Coffee Bean, Brighton, UK

When taking the train from Brighton I normally get my java from The FBC. Run by a somewhat aggressive Irishman who feigns joviality it is a fast turnaround which is often required when running for the choo-choo.

Small Black Americano.
  • A weak but sweet tasting cup. 
  • Muddy gritty aftertaste. 
  • No crema.
  • Small cup.
  • £1.60. 

Previously I have saved up my loyalty points and then got a large (3 shots) in a medium cup. This gave the coffee some flavour. Another trick for these factory coffee houses is to ask them to put less water in.

Normally bearable this was pretty poor but above the (very low) mean of large coffee chains.