Coffee Bean Reviews

Welcome to the Damn Fine Joe How To Do A Coffee Bean Review pahe. On this page we detail how all the reviews are done to ensure consistency across tastings.

1. 20g of whole beans are measured out and then examined - We make sure the beans are as fresh as possible from the supplier holding the review as quickly as possible after delivery.

2. The beans are hand ground using a Kyocera Ceramic Hand Grinder to the right size for the brewing method. At this point we inspect the beans again and look at the texture and aroma.

3. The ground beans are then added to an Aerobie Aeropress set up to use the inverse method. 

4. We follow the Aeropress recommended instructions by using boiled water cooled to 80 degrees Celsius and then with the meter at the 2 mark fill her up.

5. The ground beans are then stirred for 10 seconds with the paddle. The filter paper is blanched and rinsed in hot boiled water.

6. The Aeropress filter lid is then screwed tightly in place and the coffee is plunged into a warmed glass. A little hot water is then added to make a single Americano style 6 ounce glass.

7. The coffee is then examined for look, aroma and then of course taste. Like a fine wine we pay attention to all the flavours the drink provides from the start to the finish. 

We sniff, slurp, taste and gargle our way through the oily deeps.  As we do so we attempt to encompass details on sweetness, acidity, aroma, flavour and feel throughout. 

We hope you enjoy the reviews as they are posted.

Thanks to Rex Crowle for the great photos and companionship in coffee drinking.

Bean Reviews

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