Friday, 9 November 2012

The Gantry, Brockley, South East London

Attending a birthday celebration in Brockley I got to sample one of the recently "done up" restaurants around there. The Gantry is broken up into a number of different spaces, bar, dinning room, conservatory and outside at both the front and the rear. The style of the place is generally modern but with nothing too striking to catch ones eye. The food on offer was quite wide ranging but centring in on what I would see as brunch. We were seated in the conservatory at the back and although nice and light I was bothered by a strange odour for most of my stay. 

After an enormous delay (and after some promoting) some good quality complimentary olives and bread arrived to stave off the hunger. A little later the ordered food arrived along with a few mistakes that needed to be ironed out. Despite these issues the quality of the food was good, the produce was top notch and it had been well prepared. Being with the family I managed to sample a wide range of what was available and thought each meal was a solid offering.

A pretty exciting looking Bloody Mary dominated our tables by those who had them. They were a little lacking in vodka for my tastes but perhaps that is just me. 

Of course a black coffee was my beverage of choice so lets discuss. It had a little crema but a good amount of oil tracing across the surface. On imbibing it was found to be lacking in any real kick and pretty devoid of flavour. After some time and tasting I found it carried a gentle sweetness that was quite pleasent but a muddiness towards the end and through the finish started to dominate. 

  • Black Americano, drink in
  • £1.70
  • Weak
  • Small
  • A slight sweetness
  • Very light Crema 
The coffee was bland and uninspired although not undrinkable. The food was good but late.


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