Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Federation Coffee, Brixton Village Market, Brixton, South London, UK

Brixton Market has changed incredibly in recent times, ok not all of it, you can still get your fish heads but a huge part is now a gastronomic wonder land of tiny restaurants, grocers and coffee houses. I was blown away when I visited the other week and I wanted to get sampling as my tummy rumbled.

I was visiting Federation Coffee who I had reliably been informed do the best coffee in Brixton. The small cafe has a few seats on the inside and then the sides of the building are lined with benches, chairs and tables.

Inside although busy and a hive of activity was kept light and airy by the surrounding large windows. Outside offered a little more action with the market bustling around so that is where we camped down.

Apparently they have 4 Barristas always on to keep things moving in the market and this is supported by my Americano arriving quickly & smartly. It had a light swirly crema and my first sip gave me some lightly soured notes of cherry with a good broad strength without overpowering things. The cherry faded into a warmer, sweeter flavour, a heavy coffee taste with cinnamon tones. Although no bitterness was found there was just a trace of fur at the end.

The coffee was so good I moved onto a Double Mac (£1.80) which I took with a chocolate and orange cake. The Mac was super thick, super strong and not made with much froth, it was like a giant layer of crema. It was very good but with no lunch in me and two coffee's down I certainly could feel it.

Update: Federation had at the time of writing opened a roastery in Brixton and the coffees were all made with their own espresso blend; Contraband.

  • Black Americano, drink in.
  • £2:00
  • Strong
  • Muted cherry
  • Light crema
  • Size: Medium
  • Beans: Contraband 

A top tier coffee, made skilfully and bringing great flavour with lots going on to enjoy.