Monday, 16 April 2012

Indian Plantation A Mysore, Zabu

We now reach the end of this round of Zabu Coffee reviews with this Indian Plantation A Mysore. 

This coffee comes from one of the 3 badra estates in the Karnatak region of South West India and is grown at a height of 1-1.4 thousand meters above sea level. The "Plantation A" refers to it being the highest grade of wet-processed India coffee. The grading being based on the bean size and the visual quality of the beans.

The Zabu coffee notes inform us that the estate uses the Central Cofee Research Station to analyse their soil every year to make sure it is up to standard. The fruits go through a rigorous process; picked when ripe, fermented for 36 hours, then a process called aqua washing and finally once drained and dried they are bagged and rested for 40 days.

The beans have an appealing light brown colour to them and the aroma was rich but still had a fragrant lightness to it.

On brewing the aroma softened a little. The flavour had a subtle zestyness to it, the light acidity giving it a little zing. 

As I continued to savour the cup there was a pinch of spice to catch the tongue and a gentle perfumed floweriness could be perceived. It was tangy but smooth and a tiny bit sweet with perhaps a hint on vanilla. The finish was clean.

Enjoy through the day when looking for something  that won't come on too strong but still has some flavours to explore.

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