Thursday, 5 April 2012

Damn Fine Joe t-shirts

Joking around with Rex we agreed that Baristas were the new cocktail barmen. Cool, skilled and possibly woman want to throw themselves at them when hyped up on a pair of double macs?

That being the case my pal Dan helped me make my Cocktail inspired t-shirt and then threw in a Norwegian Black Metal inspired one.

I couldn't get anyone to model them for free so I did it rather cringingly myself. I tried to pull as little blue steel as possible. I am not a model and posing is actually quite hard so please go easy on me.

Casey Fulton scouted out some locations and took some lovely shots. I've had to select my favourite 4.

Coffee heads enjoy.

Coffee Cocktail & Black Coffee

Photos: Casey Fulton

Designs: Daniel Nilsen

DFJ logos: Cait RussellDaniel Nilsen

Printed at: It's Your T-shirt


  1. I love the Black metal one. Might have to look at getting that one.

    Good work. See you soon.


  2. Damn. Thought I'd be able to check out the price of one. Can you make the black metal available for purchase?

  3. I just made the two for fun but as there seems to be some real interest I will make some more for sale. Will get back to you on price, availability etc.


    Thanks for reading.