Thursday, 5 April 2012

Columbian Medellin Excelso, Zabu Coffee

This coffee comes from the foothills of the Andes and gets its name from the town the coffee is distributed through, Medellin and the bean size or grade Excelso, meaning elevated or exalted.

Three natural factors give Columbian coffee its mild balanced flavour. The high altitude, the rich volcanic soil and the moist but temperate climate. The Zabu Columbian Medellin Excelso carries all those classic South American traits.

Looking at the beans they are certainly pretty with a medium roast giving them the colour of milk chocolate. They were oily to the touch and there was a little acidity to the aroma.

On brewing a rich golden tasting coffee was discovered. It was a flavour of little sweetness but it was rounded and earthy in abundance. There was a gentle, teasing bite to the proceedings from a small amount of acidity that brought with it notes of soured cherries and helped lighten the mood overall. 

The tanginess was balanced well against those muted, warmer elements and finally we were left with those rich flavours, a satisfying finish.

This Columbian Medellin Excelso was coffee that grew on me as it went down. The golden roasting comes through with all the richness and elegance it should have, shored up by the large heavier body flavours on one side and a light cheeky fruitiness on the other. 

This is the medium of mediums with nothing too sharp, too dark or too bombastic to get in the way of anyone’s enjoyment.

Supplier: Zabu Coffee

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