Thursday, 26 April 2012

Taylor St Baristas, Shoreditch, East London, UK

This is my 2nd Taylor St Baristas review after covering Brighton previously I move onto their Shoreditch branch. The Brighton cup was top of the range so let us see how East London fairs.

It takes a little finding as this Taylor St. is inside a small light-industrial estate. Where is it exactly? Well it is in the little shed (quite a large shed really). This cute, homely looking venue is a modest setting for a brand well known for producing excellent, mouth watering coffee. 

Inside 3 staff were busy tiding up after the post lunch rush and quickly moved to serve me as I entered. There was a little room to sit but it felt cosy rather than cramped in here. The shed itself gave everything a pleasent Alpine feel. 

I took my coffee outside to enjoy the lovely spring sunshine and to sit on the attractive curved wooden benches. Before doing so I had a mishap of my own making; when trying to photograph the hut I poured some of my recently espressed purchase over my hand creating quite a burn. Not a good idea.

Alongside my poor throbbing mit the agency or magazine opposite was holding auditions. I'm not sure what was more agonising, probably the constant circulation of models through the area. Who am I kidding? sitting drinking coffee in the sunshine watching extraordinarily beautiful woman stream pass is of course my idea of heaven. 

Enough pre-amble, lets get onto the joe. Sitting down to enjoy my drink I found the coffee held a ripe fruity aroma, reminiscent of my fathers elderflower wine making.  

It was smooth and sweet to taste and the fruitiness brought notes of plumbs and other stone fruits to bare. It held a little bite but was well balanced and not overpowering in flavour. It was not overly strong, nor too weak and remained clean to the finish.

The actual coffee was brilliant but for some reason the cup seemed to permeate the taste near the end. It started to shroud the coffee in the taste of waxy card; I have chewed on a coffee cup or two in my time and recognised it instantly. 

I'm not sure if this was a technical issue with my specific cup or that batch but it created an unpleasant taste that was hard to remove but I firmly believe it was a random issue outside of the actual brewing.

  • Small Black Americano, take away
  • Medium Strength
  • Sweet & smooth with a plumb fruitiness
  • Light Crema
  • Small cup - 60z
  • £1.90
  • Beans: Union
  • Machine: Marzocco
  • Grinders: Anfim Super Caimano 
A very good coffee as one has come to expect with lots of fruity flavours and a unique venue to boot.

Note- They are not open at the weekend.

Get lost? Call them on 0207 929 2207

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