Friday, 20 April 2012

Ethiopian Harrar, Ozone Coffee Roasters, UK

Hailing from the Harra region of Ethiopia this East African coffee is both fair trade and organic. Like the sourcing of many independent roasters, this single origin coffee comes from a farming co-operative. In this case it is the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union.

The beans are largish and the medium roast gives them a fine chocolate brown colour. After giving my nostrils a good work out in the bag, the beans gave off a rich opulent aroma, a little acidity and something else; a hint of coco.

When ground the beans broke down evenly and helped the aroma blossom. This Ethiopian coffee smelt absolutely spot on; very fresh, & very much alive, wonderfully fruity and also a hint of spice and a pinch of pepper could be teased out. 

On brewing the aroma retained that lovely rich fruitiness. The taste was interesting and took some unpicking, the fruit was very much concentrated on the front of the pallet and that also gave it a little tartness that was barely perceptible. 

It was quite dry with an instant but slight metallic aftertaste. Then it developed into a sweeter flavour; conjuring up candied fruits, that hint of coco from before and even a little toffee. 

As things wrapped up the spicy, pepperyness just returned on the roof of the mouth adding a nice twist to the proceedings.

In general it was very light and clean throughout and managed to be refreshing and lifting in what it offered. The finish was both smooth and sweet

  • Region:           Harrar
  • Farm, CoOp: Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union
  • Variety:         Heirloom Ethiopian
  • Process:          Methos: Natural / Dry Process
  • Elevation:      1500ft
  • Cert:                Fair trade & Organic
  • Roast:              Medium

A great fresh and fruity bean with a wonderfull rich sweetness and lightness of touch without being bland. A perfect easy drinking coffee with plenty to savour.

How do we taste it? Go here. 

Supplier: Ozone Coffee Roasters

How do we taste it? Go here.

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