Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Village East, Bermondsey, South London, UK

Village East is one of the relatively new restaurants that have sprung up along Bermondsey Street in South London. Often full, a pleasant vibe and nice decor what sets this place apart is the staff and the management of that staff.

Every single staff member will say hello as you walk through. Everyone is friendly and jovial to talk to. Whoever takes your order does not matter as the person who serves you will know exactly what you ordered. They don't hover but wine and water will be kept well stocked. 

It lifts a good evening into a great one and makes the food and drink just that little more enjoyable.

We worked our way through the Prawn risotto, mint and pea ravioli, pan fried mullet and a pork fillet. The food was great and we washed it down with one of the cheaper (£20) bottles of wine on the menu, a Spanish Verdejo Nair. The food was great and actually quite reasonably priced at £7/8 for a starter £18 for a main special.

This was all then swiftly followed by a couple of glasses of deliciously sweet and fruity Masia Pairal dessert wine and then of course the coffee.

A smoothly scented, rich sweet aroma emanated from the cup that had just a light wisp of crema covering the surface. On drinking a pleasing cherry tart tang was discovered, it filled the front and middle of the mouth without dominating too strongly. 

This was then accompanied by a medium bodied, well balanced flavour. It was sweet and lightly creamy as the coffee neared the end.

Although smooth throughout the finish was a little fuzzy, a touch of ash and bitterness was left over here but not enough to despoil the experience.

  • Black Americano, drink in
  • £2.90
  • Medium strength
  • Medium bodied with a little cherry 
  • Light Crema
  • Medium size

A good easy drinking black coffee which had a dearth of flavours to enjoy without being overly complex or overpowering.

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