Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sumatra Blue Lingtong, Zabu Coffee

Grown high up by the PPKGO coffee co-operative in the Taekngon region of North Sumatra the Blue Lintong is a totally hand produced coffee. The tiny farms that make up this co-operative go through their extensive process of harvesting, pulping, fermenting, washing, drying and then sorting all by hand.

The beans are strikingly dark in appearance, I mean really black. On taking a big nose-full  you immediately get a heavy coffee aroma with an acidic lilt. On grinding these beans fluffed up beautifully into a really even batch of grounds. The sharpness in scent was lost a little as a broader aroma stepped forward.

After brewing, the Blue Lingtong gives an incredible dark and thick crema you could eat with a spoon. The aroma was very deep, full bodied and hinting at the darker flavours one can sometimes find.

Tasting confirmed this, the acidity was light, well balanced against a dry, almost iron tang. The darkness seen in those beans carried all the way through, resulting in great depth of flavour and a smooth dark bitterness.

This cavernous flavour begun at spiced fruits and ebbed towards moments of sweetness. Finally this coffee blossomed into an earthy, smooth rich chocolate tasting brew. Despite the strength the finish was clean and the coffee was smooth throughout.

For such a dark bean what could have been overpowering was instead strongly flavoured, striking but still well rounded and with plenty of elements to enjoy. Would kill with a slice of high % coco dark chocolate.

Supplier: Zabu Coffee
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How do we taste the coffee? Go here.

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