Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Terrone espresso blend, Terrone & Co.

Established in 2011, Terrone & Co. is a unique two man company, with the roaster based in Southern Italy and the trader based in West London. 

Yes with Terrone you to can have real Italian style roasted beans for breakfast, a taste of holiday. They have kindly supplied a couple of sample blends to review and enjoy at Damn fine Joe. 

First up is the Terrone Espresso blend, a complicated make up of 5 different coffee's, 3 Arabica and 2 Robusta with the lion's share being a Brazil Caerrado Dulce. 

They roast the beans in a 1950's "Vittoria" Italian roaster all in small batches. For this blend they roast the beans separately then bring them together using a traditional recipe.

Terrone supply their coffee's with some well designed tasting notes which include technical brewing suggestions, plus a badge, which always wins me over.

On opening the black foil sealed bag I was greeted by a strong aroma. There was liquorice and chocolate, a little acidity and even notes of tobacco. 

These were oily beans, the sheen glistened under the lights. Some of the beans in the blend were incredibly large and their colour was a beautiful dark brown, quite dark for a medium.

On brewing the crema was bubbly and a yellow gold colour and the aroma lost some of its darker characteristics and gave off more floral ones. 

The first few sips met with a good rounded body, a full flavour which expanded to fill the mouth. This coffee had some meaty flavours but was not found to be overpowering and was generally low in acidity. 

Bitter chocolate and a good sweetness with some flowery notes were all there through the heart of this cup.

The finish was still sweet and slightly creamy with a fragrant, pleasant bitter taste that was left on the pallet long after the drink was gone.

  • Region:             Blend - See below
  • Farm, CoOp:    Blend - See below
  • Process:            Blend - See below
  • Elevation:         Blend - See below
  • Certification:   Blend - See below
  • Roast:                Medium
  • Roaster:            "Vittoria" 1950's Italian roaster

50% Brazil Cerrado Dulce -
  • Variety: Arabica 
  • Cerrado region
  • Source likely to be Cooperativa de Caficultores e Agropecuarists
  • Rainforest Alliance certification (if above)

10% Nicaragua Matagalpa Cavallino -
  • Variety: Arabica  
  • Matagalpa highlands
  • Process: Likely wet processed

10% Ethiopia sidamo Grade 2 Washed -
  • Variety: Arabica  
  • Sidamo region
  • Ethiopia Coffee Exchange means beans are lumped together and graded rather than marked from a particular farm or district.
  • Grade 2 is a high quality grade 
  • Process: Washed

20% Java Blue Bromo -
  • Variety: Robusta
  • Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia

10% India Parchment Kappi Royal AAA Washed -
  • Variety: Robusta
  • The AAA is a grading
  • Process: Washed

A well rounded coffee blend with strong chocolate notes, a little sweetness and a full body providing plenty of flavour to get the tongue round.

How do we taste it? Go here. 

Supplier: Terrone & Co.

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