Friday, 8 June 2012

notes, Trafalgar Square, Central London, UK

On a particularly wet London day I made my way out of Charring Cross tube and moved up from the exit by the majestic Trafalgar Square to one of the two notes coffee shops (the other being in Covent garden). 

notes is unique; not in that it sells music, films and wine but it does so alongside a dedication to making brilliant coffee. Don't let the tourist heavy location or the spread of focus fool you, this is a true house of coffee. 

With a busy cafe in the midst of the lunch time rush the baristas seemed calm and on top of the proceedings as Jazz tootled out of the speakers and bounced around the nicely lit cream interior. The coffee came quickly and with a polite but not stuffy transaction. 

Checking out out my Long Black I found there was a light bubbly layer of crema and a good oily layer on top. The aroma was pleasantly rounded with a little citric fruit to tickle the nasal passages. 

It was a punchy fruity cup of coffee with strong hints of plumbs and stone fruit to savour. It had surprisingly little acidity and the citric notes that did exist were well balanced with the honeyed sweetness. The fruit perhaps soured a little in the middle and the flavour developed a dryer tone at this point.

The drink was clean and crisp throughout without being sharp or bitter and with a pleasant fruity finish.

  • Long Black, take away
  • £2.40
  • Medium strength
  • Lots of fruit, clean & sweet
  • Light bubbly crema
  • Small size
  • Beans: Square Mile
  • Machine: La Marzocco’s - La Strada

A playful and light coffee that really sings. Well put together by a team that knows their craft.


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