Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Vagabond, Finsbury Park, North London

I don't really venture North that much but today I had a photo shoot at the London School of Capoeira in Finsbury Park. Having left early and bereft of coffee I was on the hunt for some joe and stumbled upon Vagabond along the route.

On stepping inside the cosy and warmly lit interior the fantastic smell of fresh coffee (brewed and just ground) hits you. The cafe has what it needs for a good experience, cakes, robust wooden tables and plenty of coffee.

It was refreshing to see coffee on sale and in use from a number of independent roasters including Nude Espresso, Has Bean and Square Mile. To me this meant they were getting the best coffee for the job and keeping a rolling menu for the single origin filter lovers out there. Top marks for that.

The coffee has a good dark layer of crema and had a beautifully rich aroma with subtle tones of cocoa. The taste was rounded, strong but not overbearing. 

The chocolatey aroma carried through into the flavour and a gentle cherry tartness developed alongside this without being too acidic. It was a little muddied and unclear at times but proceedings finished with a sweet lick of cherry.

Another winning factor in favour of this tasty little cafe were the take away cups being biodegradable from Planet Harmony

  • Black Americano, take away
  • £2.00
  • Strong
  • Small 8oz
  • Hints of coco and a mild cherry tartness
  • Thick dark crema
  • Beans: Nude Espresso - But serve other beans for other drinks e.g. Has Bean
  • Machine: La Marzocco Linea 
  • Grinder: Mazzer, Mahlkonig

A very good coffee with broad appeal served with care from a cosy coffee house.

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