Friday, 29 June 2012

St. David Coffee House, Forest Hill, South London, UK

Nearly a year ago I attempted to go to this café in Forest Hill, South London and found they were off on holiday. I was sad as I had heard great things and I vowed to return but was it worth the wait?

The sun was pouring through into the front of the café, it contained a small but light and open seated area here. The café becomes more dense as you made your way to the back with a great ramshackle collection of furniture and ornaments including a fine collection of vinyl.

There was a good array of cake and treats on offer alongside the coffee as one would expect. The friendly staff attended to me right away and soon I was back outside in the sunshine with my coffee.

My initial sip disappointed a little as it came across as quite watery but a few gulps later things had markedly improved. Although still lacking in explosive strength some lovely distinct flavours asserted themselves.

It was a lightly citrus cup with a gentle nuttiness filling out the middle tones. The acidity and natural sweetness gave it an almost sweet and sour sensation. Clean and crisp on the finish it left a pleasant cherry after taste ringing in my mouth.

  • Black Americano, take away
  • £2.00
  • Low strength
  • Small size
  • A little citrus, a little nuttiness
  • Trace of fine crema
  • Beans: Square mile
  • Machine: RancilioClasse 10 S
  • Grinder: Anfim
A great looking little coffee house with friendly service. A very nice coffee with light fruit sweet and citric flavours. Could be a little stronger.

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