Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Boulangerie Bon Matin, Finsbury Park, North London, UK

After visiting the excellent Vagabond in the morning, on the way back I spied Boulangerie Bon Matin. A traditional French style patisserie. The cakes in the window and the attractive sign had me quite excited, this could be the taste of France; delicate pastries with expertly brewed coffee.

I think I’m starting to gain a sixth sense on whether a place will be good or bad and as soon as I walked through the door my spider sense was tingling. Something about the atmosphere gave me a warning, the air didn't have enough coffee in it.

The decor was nice enough, white tiles, bare brick work, industrial style lighting, wood floors and a good amount of art all felt right but a little cold perhaps. The cakes had me drooling, just look at those lovelies.

As I watched the barista rather absently make the coffee I knew it would be poor. It was a big old take away cup which for a regular coffee I knew was going to weaken things so when I received my truly American cup of joe I was not surprised with the taste.

Watery and weak, overly bitter but with some redeeming sweetness and a dry tannin finish. I've read a few other reviews which praised the coffee so perhaps I was just unlucky this time and got a large over espressed serving.

In their favour the cakes did look great and had I not been a good boy I would have sampled one and let you know.

  • Regular Black Americano, take away
  • £2.50
  • Weak
  • Large size
  • Overly bitter with some sweetness.
  • Frothy crema

Not a good coffee, it tasted like a chain cup. Stick to the cakes.

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