Friday, 25 May 2012

The Coffee Hatch, Bermondsey, South London, UK

Another gem found thanks to the London's Best Coffee app however it took me 4 attempts to buy a coffee from The Hatch in London's Bermondsey street. The first two times I couldn't find it, the third it was shut but the forth time I got my man, I mean coffee.

It literally is a hatch on the corner of Bemondsey and St. Thomas' street and is open only in the mornings and will close at various times. This slender opening window makes it ideal for commuters or die hard coffee fans.

I had been warned that the coffee from here could take its time to arrive (see below) but I found it took no longer than I expected for a quality brew.

As a take away only venue I was disappointed not to see any heat protection (extra sleeve, double cup) so walked to my office switching hands along the way to avoid burning. 

By the time I arrived, it being quite out of my way, I found the coffee to be at a good gulping temperature. 

There was not a strong aroma coming from the cup with its fine yellowish crema. However on tasting my immediate positive reaction was to the smoothness of the coffee, beyond silky.

It was generally sweet and each sip had a little cheeky cherry tang at the end. It also had some warmer tannin notes that dried the palette and over all had a good rounded flavour. 

It was sweet and clean throughout the finish and always remained smooth. This Americano wasn't packing that much strength but not too little either, just the right amount to let the beans sing. 

I was not at all disappointed. 

  • Black Americano, take away
  • £2.00
  • Medium strength
  • Sweet and smooth with a cherry bite
  • Fine light crema
  • Small size - 8oz
  • Beans: Square mile
  • Machine La Marzocco Linea
  • Grinder: Anfim

Sometimes there is not much to say about a great coffee. This is a great coffee and well worth the time trying to get it. Of medium strength, a lovely smooth and sweet flavoured beverage with the gentlest of sharp cherry nibbles.

Dedication to real coffee from The Coffee Hatch -

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