Monday, 21 May 2012

Dark Fluid Coffee, Brockley Market, Brockley, South London, UK

I first stumbled across Dark Fluid at the Brighton Food Festival and after some ex-Monmouth Coffee recognition & conversation I was treated to a lovely black Americano.  

Roll forward a bit and I'm in Brockely Market on a wet Saturday morning in May. I've heard that they are here and they are indeed, tucked into the corner with a subtly branded stall, serving coffee and selling beans.

The market is what we have come to expect from a city market, offering a good mix of produce and food to eat on the hoof. It started to rain so sadly we didn't get to explore in depth but it seemed like a good spread and I particularly liked the central benches for gorging and resting.  

As well as purchasing a bit of seasonal asparagus I sampled some outrageous honey roasted ham, now that was worth a revisit alone.

After a bit of banta with the baristas and a quick chat on how the little one wanted her bambinoccino we traversed the long but quick moving queue and waited to one side. The coffee arrived shortly after.

They had a good system of service on the stall and the baristas seemed genuinely into what they were doing even in the rain and early on a Saturday. 

The black americano looked good, it had a creamy light layer of crema and gave off a good strong aroma in the cold air. It had a great kick, it was a strong coffee but not overly bitter to taste. It was quite sweet and this was balanced against a good cheewy nuttiness. 

The coffee was clean and smooth throughout.

  • Black Americano, take away
  • £2.00
  • Strong
  • Sweet and nutty flavour
  • Fine but thick crema
  • Small size - 8oz
  • Beans: Dark Fluid

Great tasting coffee, served up well; sweet, nutty, strong, hot Joe.

Brockley Market is every Saturday.


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