Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ro Mo Coffee, Borough, South London, UK

Ro Mo is a coffee van situated outside London Bridge Station; to be precise it is outside the post office building. This is a brilliant location with almost continuous footfall. The location is so good I believe this stall could serve hot mud and would still make a tidy profit. 

On this grim and grey day the coffee came fast from the lone but cheery barista and he comfortably took my order whilst making the drink for the previous customer to keep things moving. 

The machine looked a little automated and the grinder had a hopper for fresh beans to be ground into, the later and the impact on freshness did worry me a little. I opted for the 8oz "small" black Americano and took it off to work. 

I did have a little issue with the cup on the way in; it seemed slightly weaker than some others which resulted in a little more spillage than normal but this is a minor niggle.

On taking off the lid and giving a good sniff I found it didn't have a strong aroma, there were however a few gentle sugary notes to be found.

The overall taste was confenctionary sweet and surprisingly smooth. It was however rather weak for my tastes and had trouble in getting across all its flavour because of this. 

The body of the coffee had some healthy tannin like licks that dried the mouth and counterpointed the sweetness. 

There was a little lack of clarity on the finish and a touch of bitterness came through here. These issues were extremely slight, and perhaps a stronger brew would have brought these negative traits to the fore.

  • Black Americano, take away
  • £1.60
  • Weak strength
  • Sweet & smooth
  • Light crema
  • Small size
A good solid brew backed up with a good price, fine location, pacey service and a smile. The pleasant sweetness was let down a little by a lack of power.

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