Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rwanda Buf Cafe, Ozone Coffee Roasters, UK

The Rwanda Buf Café coffee crop is gathered from the Buf Café co-operative plus a large amount of small holders in the Bufundu area. 

It is a coffee with a great story behind it, that of owner Epiphanie Mukashyaka. She was made a widow during the terrible time of the Rwandan genocide but rather than leaving, Epiphaine made the decision to stay on her small family coffee farm. 

Back in 2000 with a loan from  the Rwandan Development Bank and the assistance of the PEARL programme she set up Buf Café and through much hard work she has turned it into a thriving business. A true African success story.

The coffee variety being used here is the Red Bourbon. The beans have a dark green brown colour and have a light pockmarked skin which I found reminiscent of the face of the actor Robert Davi (the markings not the colour). 

The aroma of the whole bean is rich and strong with a deepness overlayed with clear tones of citrus fruit and accompanying acidity.

Little bits of dried out fruit left on the beans created a woody looking set of grounds, the dark beans when ground were highlighted with flecks of the whitish flesh. 

As the water bloomed the grounds, a rich and strong aroma was divulged which contained some clear tones of citrus type fruits.

The initial gulp has plenty of zing and a good strong bosh of flavour. The gently sour citrus notes gave it the zing. The bosh came from the rich golden tasting rounded body. 

This couplet of flavour worked in harmony on the pallet as the sharpness twanged the roof of the mouth and the deeper, rounded & grounded flavour filled and coated everywhere else. 

Although slightly darker than some medium roasts it stayed on the right side whilst benefiting from some of the deeper flavours. 

The Rwanda  Buf Café developed clarity in its smooth citrus flavours, as sweetened lemons and unripe peach came through. These sharp notes it held right the way through to the finish.

  • Region:                Bufundu, Nyamagabe district, Southern Province
  • Farm, CoOp:      Buf Café & smallholders
  • Variety:              100% Red Bourbon
  • Process:              Fully washed & sun-dried on raised beds
  • Elevation:          1600-1950m
  • Roast:                  Medium

The Rwanda Buf Cafe is a well bodied cup of sharp citrus fruit and sweetness with a nice rounded golden flavour underlying the proceedings. The balance of tastes make this a great introduction to the sharper coffees.

How do we taste it? Go here. 

Supplier: Ozone Coffee Roasters

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