Monday, 3 October 2011

Allpress Espresso, Shoreditch, London, UK

Allpress was my knock out favourite coffee at the London Coffee Festival. I was excited to go and try out their East London store and roastery and so Allpress became the first store I would visit in my more focused attack on London coffee houses.

I was nobly accompanied on this and the next few trips by first class British artist, designer and director Rex Crowle. He even drew some pictures of our little visit.

It was lunch so we treated ourselves to a bite to eat, Rex had the corn beef sandwich, I went for the breakfast salad thingy with avocado, both were delicious and I could talk about the food for sometime but I don't want to get side tracked.

After we made our order we took some seat by the counter and checked out the room. The space has great light from the large surrounding windows and this is amplified by the sparse near Scandinavian feel of the decor (wood and plain light paint). The detail or the flair rather is in the roaster, the bean holders and the other coffee paraphernalia as it should be. You can see some of the other clientèle in Rex's awesome sketch. 

The coffee arrived with a little mug of water on the side so we could mix the strength ourselves. This is always a plus in my mind and is pretty cute to boot. It looked good with a shaving cream thick layer of crema. The taste backed up the presentation, it was full on, rich and pretty wonderful. That broad, mouth filling flavour comes naturally sweetened which cuts beautifully against the lightly bitter blackness. 

A word of warning, I have one issue with this coffee and that is that it was a little strong. Even using up all my water left me slightly overwhelmed, sure I could have asked for more water but how it is served is what I'm critiquing. 

I should also mention that this was their own roasted ethically sourced beans which you can buy to take home, the Redchurch blend I believe. 

  • Long Black, stay in
  • Very strong
  • Full flavour and sweet
  • Thick Crema
  • Size: short
  • £2.50

Super coffee served with style the New Zealand way, from the black clad barristas to the purity of the product itself. Go get yourself this joe.


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