Friday, 26 August 2011

Garcia Coffee Company, Beckenham, UK - New Beckenham station

New Beckenham station. The train station of my child hood, my youth and the one that took me to school every day. Many memories I have of this station and here I was many years later trying out the coffee on offer.

Garcia Coffee seems to have a stall at Clock House station and Beckenham Junction as well but I found it hard to find much other information on them on the interweb. This review is for the New Beckenham stall found in a little hatch on the platform and also serving papers and other things you need early on in the day.

I took a double espresso. It was quite long, no crema and the aroma hard to find. The strength was good and the flavour relatively smooth. It had I fear been slightly over espressed giving it the length but also souring the taste. The after-taste started of pleasant but gave way to a low level bitterness also due to too much trying to be extracted from those beans.

  • Double shot espresso, take away
  • Strong
  • Relatively smooth with sour notes
  • No crema
  • size long
  • £1.50

Garcia Coffee provide a drinkable coffee but one that is not climbing the heights of flavour. Considering the location, availability and convenience it certainly has some benefits depending on your needs but I would wait till London Bridge.

Having said that I do love their bright blue cups.

New Beckenham: Map

Other locations:
Beckenham Junction
Clock House

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