Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sherriffs Coffee, Penge, London, UK

Situated outside Penge West Station, Sherriff's is another of these mini coffee vans kited out with a single machine. They were serving up Fair Trade Columbian beans and at the time of posting have been around for about a year. The coffee was served in large bugs but the barista was carfull not to overfill them for the train journey ahead.

Once I got my coffee I sat on the platform and took a good sniff, there was right away a wiff of station coffee* about it and unfortunately the taste confirmed it. It was a coffee that was overly bitter and suffered from a claggy after taste so I was not a happy bunny.

Although he was a friendly guy, put the coffee top on and sources his coffee ethically I can't give a good review to Sherriff's. Not the worst but really not very good.

  • Double Black Americano, take away
  • Medium strength
  • Bitter taste
  • Frothy crema
  • Large
  • £1.20

Sadly a pretty bad coffee from an independent stall. Skip it, wait and go to Monmouth when you hit town.


*That general poor tasting coffees found on stations across the UK 

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