Friday, 5 August 2011

Brindisa, Borough Market, London, UK

Year round this is an incredibly popular Tapas bar right on the corner of Borough Market. Luckily Brindisa also run an excellent store in the market where you can get your hands on all the wonderful ingredients they cook up here

To complete the facts they also have two other restuarants, one in Soho and the other in South Kensington. I have tried to get into this eatery but quite late many a time but if you are not prepared to wait (hours) then you won't get in. This time we went early and found it is popular for a reason.

This is not a food blog but the food was great so I have to list what we devoured. We consumed divine manchego, succulent olives, crusty bread, little deep fried parcels of Monte Enebro cheese with honey. 

We demolished an Iberico selection of sliced meats, tortilla and an anchovy salad. The salad was the least green salad I have ever had but it was pitch perfect. This was all washed down with a lovely bottle of  Blanc Planell, a Macabeo Sauvignon Blanc, yums.

After such a great meal you want to have a little digestive or a coffee. I opted for coffee, an espresso to be precise. It came in a shot glass and was short, hot, sealed with a layer of crema and like the meal the coffee was simply excellent. 

No bitterness, not overly espressed and so it was silky smooth and hit me with sweetness when it was done.

  • Double shot espresso, drink in
  • Strong
  • Smooth and sweet
  • Thick crema
  • Size small
  • £1.90

A lovely short espresso, velvety smooth and honey sweet. A perfect end to a rich, satisfying dining experience.


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