Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Mad Hatter Cafe, Brighton, UK

This was the coffee I had before speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton. I was nervous so it was a bit of a risk going somewhere new but The Mad Hatter Cafe looked popular and more importantly was where I had got off on the bus. 

After trying to score some bacon (I was low carbing it) I found it was a vegetarian establishment. Although I'm fairly certain the man did then try to offer me ham. I declined the under counter chacuterie and went for a mushroom and cheese omelette. Fluffy with a gooey heart and plenty of it; this protein feast was just what I needed to power we through my talk. I very much enjoyed demolishing my plate and had need to wash it down.

As is usual I opted for a black americano. When it first arrived it was so hot I could not get near it. There was n0t much going for it in terms or aroma and there was no crema to think of so I had to bide my time and wait for it to cool. Cool it did and I was rewarded with a good, above average coffee. Although a little weak for me it shone with regards to flavour. It was full and flavoursome and smooth all the way through. There were no sour notes and at the end a little sweetness shined through. 

  • Double shot black americano, drink in
  • Medium to weak strength
  • A good robust flavour
  • No crema
  • Size medium
  • £2.00

A really nice coffee that by not going for gusto has ended up with a lovely smooth taste. They are not at the top table yet but this is undoubtedly good and leaves a large gap between them and those behind.


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