Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dinkyccino stall, Brighton/ Worthing /East Sussex area, UK

Somehow  Joe saw Dinkyccino online or the other way round, they became friends but had never met. As luck would have it wondering through the Brighton Food Festival on the way to another coffee house Joe saw Dinky and had a drink. 

The reason for the special interest in this company inhabiting the increasingly popular world of mobile coffee stations is aside from their love of great coffee is their impressive skill in turning out a constant supply off coffee masterpieces. 

Resisting the urge to fill the rest of the review with puns I was impressed with this Monet of Mocha, bringing the Toulouse Lautrec to the latte and the Euan Uglow to the espresso (that is enough!). I believe this fine work belongs all (or primarily to) Adrian Lucking who founded the company. 

If you follow Joe on facebook you will have seen some of these wicked looking brews reposted there and for your viewing pleasure I have borrowed a few from their facebook page and set up a little gallery below.  I hope they don't mind but I could not resist, they look awesome.

But what about the coffee? It wasn't the main man running the stall that day and as I drink it black and straight up for these reviews there would be no chance of milky flair to alter my judgement. The barista asked how big I wanted it which was great service and polite, I took it short to medium. It came promptly and was possibly a little hot. 

The joe smelt good but there was little if any crema in my mug but there was a glint of oil.  It was smooth and silky however there was an uncomfortable bitterness hanging over the whole affair which spoilt what could have been a great cup of coffee. Not so much to destroy the drink but enough to knock it down a peg.

  • Double shot black americano, take away
  • Strong
  • Smooth but a little bitter
  • No or little crema
  • Size: medium
  • £2.50
  • Machine: Astoria

A good coffee but sadly not a breathtaking one. Certainly well above the water mark set by many station coffee stalls. I was hoping for sensational to match the showmanship this company prides itself on, perhaps next time. 

Enjoy the coffee art below.

Map - To be found at various events especially in the east Sussex area and regularly at Durrington Railway station, Worthing

Dinkyccino Gallery

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