Friday, 14 October 2011

Marwood Coffee Shop, Brighton, UK

On giving up my Brighton residence and becoming just another tourist to this fine town there was one coffee shop that had alluded me. Marwood coffee.

The first attempt to find it resulted in walking up and down Ship street early in the morning and in the rain but to no avail. My first sighting at another time whilst not realising what the place was came in the form of their sign boasting about the quality of their coffee.

I arrogantly snorted in derision thinking I knew best. But then later on it hit me and my stomach sunk as I understood who's sign that was. Realising my mistake I have now come to plead forgiveness and give Marwood the review it deserves.

Named after I from Withnail fame it would be lazy of me to state the coffee house is quirky, it is however very cool. Random images, furniture and graffiti line the two storey coffee house. Check out their site for more pictures of the eclectic and entertaining decor.

They also offer up some serious cake which I didn't try but did tempt me.  But if you get rid of the cake and you get rid of the style and attitude that this place has what are you left with? Does the coffee make a mark?

Arriving in a small attractive red cup and saucer the wisps of crema were starting to fade away in their death spiral. First sip gave me plenty of flavour, not too strong but above all a good smoothness. 

It was also slightly sweet all the way through which seems to be the hardest trick to pull off. It left a creamy tone as the main flavour faded away and I can't say I was disappointed.  A little more strength would not have gone amiss but that could have just as easily disrupted the well balanced drink

  • Black Americano, drink in
  • Medium strength
  • Smooth, a little sweet and flavoursome
  • Light Crema
  • Size: Small
  • £1.80
  • Beans: Mozzo Coffee

They say they serve kick arse coffee and they do. A good taste, smooth and sweet.


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