Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Prufrock Coffee @ Present, Shoreditch, London, UK

The second part of my first East London jaunt with Rex was to the Prufrock coffee counter at Present. The little counter looked quite at home in the large breezy store, we didn't look round we got straight on with the drinking. I enjoyed choosing a 6oz. cup (is that an issue with E.U. regulations?) rather than small, large etc. perhaps the geek in me hyped on the specifics.

The lovely barista supplied us promptly as we made a little banter and then we went outside to enjoy our drinks. As we sat on the distressed yellow benches their was enough time to savour our drinks before the rains came. We had to finish under some scaffold and then a grim side exit to a club further down the road as the rain beat down in a torrent but I'm happy to say these changes in environment didn't mar the coffee experience. 

It had a fine amount of crema that dissipated to leave an oil slick, black as pitch. The square mile beans were rich in flavour, almost creamy. As I sunk it I started to feel a little bit of a tang coming through which I thought would become unpleasant but instead grew on me. Chewing is the best way I can describe the experience, the more I drank the more I discovered of its full, broad flavour. It was excellent. 

  • Long Black, take out
  • Strong
  • Chewy, full and deep
  • Slight Crema
  • Size: short - 6oz.
  • £2.20
  • Beans: Square Mile

Great strength, high quality beans, a flavour with much depth to explore and all balanced so well together. A coffee to have me questioning my loyalty.

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