Thursday, 27 October 2011

Riverside Coffee Shop, Windsor & Eton Riverside Station, Windsor, UK

I went to Windsor to meet my friends at Nintendo. After the 40 minute video conference with Japan it was time to head back to London.  On the way back I bought a quick coffee from the station cafe.

I foolishly ate part of a cookie whilst drinking this coffee and so my review may be totally void. Add sugar and most coffees can taste ok, combined with milk you can really hide the horror. That is why my reviews are always based on a black unsweetened coffee. If I like the espresso you will probably love the latte (unless they burn the milk). 

I had very low expectation and although they were mainly met this coffee was not the most terrible I have imbibed. It was indeed too bitter but not the most bitter. It was also too weak, the classic over dilution of station cafes but not the weakest. To be fair to it, the taste was not unbearable but I would not add it to any must taste lists soon.

  • Americano, take away
  • £1.80
  • Medium strength
  • Quite bitter flavour
  • No crema
  • Large size

Not very good coffee but it won't kill you in a pinch.


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