Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Green Cauldron Coffee House, Liverpool, UK

I was lucky enough to visit Liverpool for a one day work thing and as is de rigueur for me now I set out to find a good cup of coffee. My wanderings left me a little bit in love with the city but it was only after a good deal of walking that I found my joe. 

The two coffee houses that had been recommended to me I failed to locate but then in my moment of need I stumbled upon the Green Cauldron Coffee Shop. The building was curiously branded as Castle St. Coffee House which I can only assume  was a previous resident and I must say it looked just like the kind of place I required.

The cafe itself was modern, spacious but still inviting and comfortable. I made my order and settled down on a high table and stool. There was then a huge delay.....

.....finally the coffee appeared. They did say sorry but I was pretty miffed by this point, the problem seemed to be that they were under staffed and/or very slow. I had to put this to one side and focus on the job in hand, I didn't want to prejudice the review entirely with this.

The coffee looked good, served in a nice mug, the dark crema swirled seductively around the inside rim. It smelt good too, I gave it a large sniff and enjoyed a strong rich scent. It was robust in flavour yet brought a lovely creamy tone to the party. That gave way to some pleasant bitter sweet after notes which in turn was marred just a touch by a slightly dirty finish. It was all in all a pleasing cup of coffee, I must get some of their beans.

  • Double black Americano, drink in.
  • £1.90
  • Medium strength
  • Solid full flavour 
  • Thick crema
  • Size: Medium size
  • Beans: Green Cauldron (Australia)

This Green Cauldron Coffee cafe is the first and the plan is to open many more across the UK. If one opens near you then go check it out. Great coffee, well made.



  1. its changed hands and gone right down hill,went to day,food poor,dry,coffee price increase but size hasn't,more staff but less competence/work,no stock AWFUL rude manageress ! i wont again and i used to like it

    1. Well that is a real shame. Thanks for your comment and keeping us updated.