Monday, 19 December 2011

Blue Mountain Cafe, Sydenham, South London, UK

You can find the Blue Mountain Cafe near the station at the top end of Sydenham high street. My old pal Graham Russell (previously a Sydenham lad now an expat in Australia) swore by their brew. I didn't always agree with Graham when it came to coffee but I was always happy to try out his recommendations. 
The Blue Mountain is a deli style cafe with a cold counter full of pies and pasties and lots of cake and a kitchen serving many things but on a cold winter day I would suggest the soup. All the food looked and smelt great, a home cooked counter of wonder. 
The walls of the cafe are groaning with produce both served and for sale, one side is a ceiling high shelving unit full of goodness and the other has a single unit full of fresh vegetables that the chef routinely pops from the back to harvest.
Aside from the produce on display the rest of the cafe was made up of strong yellow walls and wooden furniture, it was bright but still had a friendly and relaxed ambience. Some old rock tracks played on the stereo and the staff worked fast and smiled. It had a good vibe.
The coffee came suspiciously quickly and didn’t have a great aroma when it got to my table. It was also quite light brown in colour rather than the near black. I eyed it suspiciously and when it had sufficiently cooled I put my lips to work.
What I found was a mid strength coffee with a full flavour. That fullness had breadth rather than peaks but was good nether the less. It was not at all bitter or gritty but it was quite murky, not at all crisp. 
There were some lovely sweet tones coming through but sadly that murk tinge raised itself again near the end. I doubt there are many better coffee places in Sydenham and this one provides a solid drink alongside good food and atmosphere.  

  • Black Americano, drink in.
  • £1.95
  • Medium Strength
  • Broad flavour
  • Light crema
  • Size: Small
An above average coffee that confounded expectations and could be enjoyed in a pleasant well stocked environment.  - Although this seems to be for the older East Dulwich branch.

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