Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Climpson and Sons, Hackney, East London, UK

The 2nd trip to East London with Rex was to visit Climpson and Sons. The plan on this warm but turbulent day was to buy some take away and then go sit in London Fields, a bit obvious of course but sometimes obvious is nice. 

Broadway market was on and the store was packed. I stayed outside with the little one whilst Rex ventured in and bought the coffee's. The staff didn't know what a babychinno or a bambinochinno was which created some confusion but we got there in the end. She needs her frothed milk or there is hell to pay so Rex did have to go back, twice. He is a great friend.

Sitting on one of the shops benches and watching the chaos of the market go by and ocassioanly nipping to a stall to grab a taster was an enjoyable experience. Poor Rex spent an age inside securring the drinks, it took a long time. Popular as this place is the queue times led me to think they could be a tad more efficient but quality takes time so I can forgive that.

The coffee had cooled a little by the time we sat on the grass, there was no trace of crema but the coffee was rich with oil, shimmering under the sun and wispish clouds above. As the wind picked up and the clouds came in I had an enjoyable coffee experience, although not very strong it was packing plenty of flavour in those 6 ounces. It was smooth, it ended on some sweet notes and without any hint of bitterness. 

I'm sorry to say it went down so well I became slightly absent minded and didn't drill into the flavour as I'm sure there is more to be said.

  • Long Black, double shot, take away
  • Regular size is £2.20 and large is £2.40
  • Medium strength
  • Smooth and flaversome
  • No crema (but late) 
  • size: small (6 ounce)
  • Machine:  La Marzocco
  • Beans: Climpsons and Sons espresso blend

A lovely smooth coffee, I want to go again to give it another taste.

Twitter: @cplimpsonandsons

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