Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Elliot's Cafe, Borough Market, South East London London, UK

I love Elliot's, I could eat here every day till the end of time. This is by far my new favourite place in Borough Market if not all of London. A market "cafe" which really is a full on fancy pants restaurant but completely unpretentious, friendly and very relaxed. They change the menu based on what is available and in season at the Market so every visit is a journey. The food is excellent.

Mismatched and sometimes shared seating gives it a vibey intimacy, enhanced by the bare brick walls and low lighting. The distractingly attractive, knowledgeable staff will pop down next to you to go through the menu in detail so don't be afraid to ask what things are.

I wish I was writing a restaurant review as I could write for a long time and it would be gushing with praise. I've had rare melt in the mouth burgers, slow and perfectly cooked beef, char-grilled squid with a bite, the raw simplicity of oysters, endless mussels with comforting corn and bacon broth, breaded pig cheeks with an emulsified joy waiting inside, a sharp and filling beetroot salad, pate, cheese with fine oatbreads, flavoursome olives and even the complimentary bread and butter is what you would expect to eat on a fine farm house kitchen table. 

All great, every time and the wine has been top notch too however this review is all about one thing and that is the coffee.

The espresso arrived with a good frothy crema layer, underneath it was as dark and oily as the sea near an exploded BP rig. I was highly anticipating this coffee but after taking my first sip I was rocked by the tartness of the coffee, tugging my tongue to the roof of my mouth. I cleansed my mouth and went again, I watered it down but try as I might I could not get along with this shot. 

It was an incredibly sharp and sour coffee. My partner in dine however liked it very much which is why I am being rather more gentle than if I was drinking alone. It looked the part and considering everything else it should have been excellent but alas it was not for me.

  • Double espresso, drink in
  • £2.00
  • Medium strength
  • Sour
  • Good crema
  • Size: Short in a big cup

On another visit the Americano had similar high quality trappings and was less sour but that taste was still there.

A coffee that I didn't get on with. Not awful but too sharp for my tastes. I will go again and again for the food but will skip the joe.

email: info@elliotscafe.com
Blog and menu: http://elliotscafe.tumblr.com/

Even the bread tastes like heaven.

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