Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Flat Cap Coffee Co, stall, Borough Market, South East London, UK

A  couple of coffee stalls have appeared in Borough market, right under the nose of my sacred Monmouth coffee. For such audacity they must be braved and the first one I visited was the Flat Cap Coffee Co stall. Their stall seems to visit a few places and should not be confused with Flat Caps Coffee of Newcastle. The guys who run the company are Brazilian barista champion, Favio Ferreria and his business partner Robert Robinson.

The stall has a nice wooden caravan vibe (like the one in Wind in the Willows) about it and is dominated by a polished La Marzocco. They were selling Square Mile Coffee Beans on the counter and serving the Red brick seasonal espresso. A nice touch were the recommended serving instructions on a little stand that you can take down and follow. 

It was a rainy and pretty grim day; I had already purchased some fine Portuguese custard tarts so this coffee was going to be the finishing touch. I took a small long black (always a double no matter the size, clearly noted on the coffee board). It had a dark thick crema and layer of oil floating on top. 

The initial reaction was that it was overly tart but that sharp citrus tang relaxed and then grew on me and was quite reminiscent of Prufrock (is it the Square Mile beans?) Coffee. A little watery on the front of the palette the coffee packed in plenty of flavour further back and did a good job of filling out my mouth. Those full on flavours eventually resided to leave a sweat after taste. 

  • Long black, double shot to take away
  • £1.80
  • Medium strength
  • Sharp citrus taste, full of flavour
  • Thick dark crema
  • Size: small (6 ounce) 
  • Machine: La Marzocco
  • Beans: Square Miles Red Brick Seasonal Espresso

  • Flatwhite
  • £2.00 - double

A proper stand up coffee served with politeness and a bow, packing plenty of flavour that takes you on a journey.


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