Friday, 15 April 2011

Spinelli Coffee, Brighton, UK

I had spied Spinelli's coffee shop as I cycled up through Kemp Town and it was on the hit list of must taste places. Big thanks to Jan (who reads the blog) to spur me on and get me down there to give it a shot.

Picking the worst day to cross the  street (see photos) I eventually got in and found a seat in the comfortable, light surroundings. I ordered and took my seat with the little one who has become quite the Bambinochino expert in recent weeks. Within minutes our drinks arrived and so the review begins.

I asked for a double but did not specify size so was lumbered with a large mug and so it was inevitably a bit weak. In recent reviews I've been less critical about this habit of over watering as size can be tailored if you ask in time but in my mind a double should be about strength and not size. This was one of those huge cappuccino beast mugs. 

Putting aside that first hurdle the coffee looked good with a nice level of crema and as that started to clear a good thick oily sheen. The aroma and flavour were good and broad and this should not be under sold. The taste was let down by the strength (due to size) and a muddy fuzziness of an after note but other than that it was a smooth drink.

The babychino was nicely presented without skimping on the chocolate which is always a bonus.

  • Black Americano - Double, drink in.
  • Medium strength
  • Great flavour but muddy after taste
  • Medium Crema
  • Large size
  • £2.50

Not bad Joe, with high quality oily beans and a smooth flavour but let down by a muddy finish left on the palette.

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