Friday, 8 April 2011

News - Small Batch take over 9bar coffee stalls and starts cafe

One of the top 5 places (2010) listed at the start of the year were the coffee stalls at Brighton and Hove Station. You may have noticed (at Brighton station at the time of researching) that they have a new look and a new name.

Yes both these stalls have now been taken over by the  Small Batch Coffee Company. Small Batch used to supply these stalls with their beans so the source remains the same as do the well trained and friendly Baristas. 
So what does this mean for your commute coffee? I spoke to Nick Barlow who informed me that they had cleaned up the carts and added a second machine to increase the speed of service and maintain the carts water pressure. So why is that second machine important? 

Nick explained "as we use traditional, single-boiler espresso machines.  They make excellent coffee but if you use too much hot water making americanos or teas there is a resultant loss of pressure affecting espresso/steam. Therefore, we mainly use the second machine as a source of hot water, maintaining good pressure levels on the main machine."  
and of course they now have a back up if one goes down. Imagine the trip to London without? A nightmare! 

The carts are open from 6-12 Monday-Saturday. The best place to buy coffee at Brighton station just got better.

The Small Batch Coffee Company are a Hove-based speciality coffee roaster. They have been in business for several years and supply a number of the coffee houses in Brighton and Hove. 

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Small Batch's domination continues as they also have opened a new coffee shop in Hove on the corner of Wilbury Road & Church Road. If the quality remains as high as the stalls then this will be well worth checking out.  

The cafe boasts plenty of seating, a sun terrace and a wide selection of cakes, pastries and topped focaccia. The most exciting news is that they are also doing filter coffees (Hario V60 brewed) so I have to go and get one this weekend.

The previous stall owner, the 9bar cafe in Hove is still in business but now under new ownership.

A fresh review for the fresh stalls and a review of the cafe will be coming soon.

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