Monday, 18 April 2011

Small Batch Coffee Company – station stall, Brighton, UK

As promised I returned to check out the spanking new stall at Brighton station and I am happy to say I was not left disappointed.

The new cart looks great; very clean, neat and smart. They still have a good selection of high quality pastries and fruit available alongside all the standard coffees. From the stall I have found ordering the single (small cup) with an extra shot gets me the right size and strength for me, give it a go.

The baristas have a fast pipeline in place but without sacrificing the quality of the brew. The team (of 2-3) work well together with one taking the order, money and prepping the cup and the other one or two pumping out the joe. This demonstrates how vital well trained baristas are to producing a great cup of coffee, even under high pressure conditions they are doing it cup after cup. Alongside those fresh and clearly well roasted beans from the Small Batch roastery you have all the ingredients to make something brilliant.

..and what was the coffee like? Fresh, bright and repleat with flavour. It had good strength and was well balanced with some lovely sweet notes coming through. There was a single minor issue, a hint off fuzz left on the tongue but it was slight and only at the very end. 

All round a top cup off coffee.

  • Single black Americano - with extra shot, take away.
  • Strong
  • Full of flavour
  • Medium crema
  • Small size 
  • 1.80

An excellent and swiftly brewed coffee. There is no other choice when at the station if you like quality coffee. 

Great beans, well used.

                                                                                    All Gone.


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