Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Real Patisserie - Kemp Town

Although their website does not say it the wonderful cake and bread emporium of The Real Patisserie has opened a new store and bakery in Kemp Town. I've reviewed the Trafalgar street store before, how does this new place fair? 

Situated next to the excellent Pizza Face which itself sits next to the truly awesome Ground the new site for The Real Patisserie is a good one. The store is large and light and is focused on selling rather than sitting and eating or drinking. It has one large wooden table with benches. The rest of the store is handed over to the display counter and the open baking area and bread shelf. I liked the style of the place and the sight and smell of all that freshly baked bread really got my juices flowing.

I went in with my old man who was in Brighton for a medical thingy for a spot of breakfast. We were a bit early but they kindly let us in and served us, we were then treated to tray upon tray of freshly baked produce pouring out of their ovens. We both had black coffees, he had the cinnamon swirl, I had the Croque Monsieur. These in turn were lovely and fresh and the latter a bit heavy on the bechamel but perfectly pleasant.

The coffee was made quickly with no pretension. Like all The Real Patisserie stores they use Red Roaster beans. 

It came in a small cup and I was struck my a very pleasant aroma. On tasting it was strong, sweet and smooth. I have to say I was surprised, it was a great cup off coffee, I expected it just to be pretty good. I don't have much else to say as it was a quality brew.

  • Double shot black Americano
  • Strong
  • Sweet flavour
  • Little crema
  • Small size 
  • £1.25

It had all the 3 S's (strength, sweetness, smoothness) with no negatives. At £1.25 this is one of the cheapest quality coffees you can get in Brighton.

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