Monday, 19 July 2010

Regency Restaurant, Brighton, UK

I was kindly taken to lunch by a customer. He was unsure of where to go and as we were on the sea front I suggested we head west; I knew there were restaurants I had not yet discovered there.

We stopped at a good looking fish restaurant and sat down on a warm but blustery afternoon in Brighton. The Regency is apparently a well known place for tourists; the building is elegant and the location excellent but other than that I could not see what the attraction is. The Haddock was well cooked with a crisp batter, the chips were surprisingly poor. For a two product vendor getting it 50% wrong is unacceptable.

After business had been discussed and the world put to rights I settled down for a mug of the good stuff but it was not that good at all.

The coffee came quickly in an overly small mug of little charm and character. It looked and smelt like it had been languishing in a warming pot for too long. The taste confirmed this fact as well as someone having been frugal with the beans or over zealous with the water.

  • Regular Black Filter

  • Weak and watery

  • Overly bitter

  • So nondescript I can barely write anything

  • £? He paid

  • Get the fish, leave the Joe.

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