Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Real Patisserie, Trafalgar Street, Brighton, UK

This fantastic pastry shop has been in Brighton for years. On this visit I was very good and didn't treat myself but it was hard. This visit was all about the joe.

They use Red Roaster beans and the staff are always very pleasant. On this occasion we had a good chinwag about the positive state of independant rosters in Brighton before he tried to sell me some beans. I have a large quantity of Monmouth Espresso blend in the freezer so I politely declined.

This was a good coffee. It odly had no creama that I could see but was strong, smooth and flaversome without being overpowering. It was only marred slightly by a touch of a murky aftertaste but this was far outweighed by an initial sweetness.  

  • Small Black Americano
  • Very strong
  • No crema that I noticed
  • A good full bodied taste
  • Sweet aftertaste with a hint of murk
  • £1.20
This was a great tasting coffee which hit the right notes balancing out strength with smoothness of flavour. It would have been enhanced had I succumed to some treats but even without it had that rare sweetness. Well worth a visit.


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