Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Hilton Brighton Metropole‎, Brighton, UK

Large expensive hotels often make great coffee. My experiences have almost always been great but it often comes at a price (and with a biscuit).

My customer from the previous post also bought me a coffee here to make up for the bad experience previously. I had explained the blog and he wanted to make right and make he did. Unfortunately I was so thirsty for damn fine coffee that by the time I realised how good it was I only had a sip left. I savoured that last mouthful.

This had been well made and had all the flavours in balance. It had the strength and that elusive sweetness without that super bitter muddyness. It was a great coffee.

The next day I returned in the morning for another meeting and sank two in a row in the hope of the same hit but it did not happen. I had missed out by not enjoyng every drop of that first taste. A lesson learnt.

  • Regular Black Americano

  • Strong and smooth tasting

  • Fist had the sweetness

  • Nice Crema

  • Damn fine biscuit

  • £4.25

  • The first was excellent and the next two were just not quite the same. It shows the Barista can make all the difference between great and mediocre. If you get a chance have a coffee here and hope you get the right guy.


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