Monday, 26 July 2010

Frankies Grinder, Brighton, UK

I’ve cycled and walked past this shop many  times but never wanted to walk my coffee all the way to work but for the course I finally did it. It looks inviting from the outside and even has a side hatch for takeaways which I find very appealing.

On checking that the small was made with two shots I opted for that. The Joe came fast and was served by a stunning looking Barista. This alongside the hot caffine softened the negative aspects of going to work.  The coffee had a good strength but perhaps could have been a little stronger, it was good but a tad over espressed as there was a touch of gritty aftertaste. 
The beans came from a small batch place but I didn't catch the name. Will update.

  • Small Black Americano
  • Medium to strong
  • Good taste marred slightly by a touch of over bitterness with the aftertaste
  • Good Crema
  • Small cup
  • £1.30
Not a bad coffee by any means, competantly made and a good price. However not up there with the best.

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