Monday, 22 February 2010

Red Roaster, Brighton, UK

Met up with my brother to see the end of the Brighton half marathon which P was taking part in. Finally found him in the crush just as she rolled over the line. It was pouring with freezing cold rain and we had two tired runners plus all the little ones so we wanted to get inside fast. As it was round the corner and I had been meaning to blog them I decided to take everyone to Red Roaster to warm up.

Red Roaster roast their own Beans and serve a number of other coffee houses in Brighton. I have bought beans from this place and they were good so thought a coffee would be even better.

It was busy and perhaps that is what impacted the Large Black Americano.
  • Medium to weak strength
  • Pretty average taste, a little muddy.
  • Good smallish size cup
  • No Crema
  • Unmemorable aftertaste
  • £? Need to go checkbut not that bad.

I think it was not made with the love and care required to make a great coffee. When the best thing you can say is “at least it is not burnt” then you know you are in trouble. I do however believe we were unlucky and will try again.


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