Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Coffee @33, Brighton, UK

Made with Monmouth beans Coffee @33 makes one of the more superior coffees in Brighton.

The shop itself is going for a Borough Market vibe and have Hessian sacks for seats in the main area. As well as the beans much of the other produce is sourced form the market, including Chegworth Valley apple juice and many fine pastries. I have only sat down once to drink and that was with a man from a secret but of the government so it was a bit weird. For a small space there is a good number of stools but at lunch time it is always full.

Now onto the good stuff; a regular two shot black Americano. Heaven on earth.

  • Strong (but not as strong as Monmouth).
  • Smooth taste, can be sometimes a little burnt out. Good aftertaste.
  • No crema which is a shame.
  • Size - Perfect small size.
  • £1.80 for a double shot regular.
  • Baristas - Seem well trained and very friendly

In summary a top coffee at a fair price served by talented baristas only rarely let down by a little burning.


  1. Good to have a link to it or at least an address! Had to google it!