Wednesday, 24 February 2010

9 Bar Espresso, Brighton, UK

This is a little portable coffee bar that sits out the front of Brighton station. The staff and the machine were all pretty dirty and a little run down which didn’t look good. The service was slow but they did have an efficient service system in place, so it could have been far worse. However the prices are good and when it came to the taste, the coffee is not at all bad.

Black Americano (Americano)
  • Medium to strong
  • Smooth  broad tasting joe with a good strong aroma
  • Medium cup
  • No crema
  • slightly bitter aftertaste that cught I nthe throat
  • £1.60
Despite the large cup this coffee had surprising strength and flavour, it was only marred by that slightly grindy aftertaste. Definitely one to try out.Publish Post

Map to the stall, I think week day mornings only.
Map to their cafe in Hove. Still to be tested but they promote a strong coffee ethic on their site.

"A perfect espresso is 30ml of water at 93.5°C, forced through 7g of ground coffee at 9 Bar pressure. If the barista has done their job properly the shot will take 28 seconds to pour"

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