Monday, 14 February 2011

Pizza Express, Brighton, UK

I've always been a fan of Pizza Express which to me has provided a solid well priced pizza experience better than the majority out there. Like coffee, good pizza should be simple to put together but in practice it is often pretty terrible stuff. Bad pizza should not be the case and I don't know why it is but I'm certainly not going to start blogging about it.

Either I'm growing (in scale not my tummy) or I think their pizzas have got smaller over time but still it was plenty for a lunch. I went for the Da Morire Romana which was invented by a bloke called Simon in a competition and was awesome. The core being Gorgonzola and caramelised leaks, the sweet and tang playing off against each other nicely.

What better way to round off a pizza than a coffee? Their americano came in a good sized cup with simple black line illustrations across it. The aroma had something slightly off about it, perhaps a little stale but the taste was generally good. A little weak but it hit the tongue with a wide spectrum of taste. Those initial concerns were then backed up by what could have been a creamy after taste turning sour in the back of the throat.  

On another day this coffee may have been decent so I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt, saved by the general good flavouring.   

  • Black Americano
  • Weak in strength
  • Flavour good whilst drinking but stale aftertaste
  • A little crema
  • Small cup
  • £2.00 
So not a "station coffee" thankfully so still worth rounding off your meal with but not up there with the big boys.  

    Pizza Express 


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    1. This is probably the third post of the day on pizza I am reading. Well my grand father used to be a good cook. He had magic in his hands, he was outstanding in the kitchen and grandma was quite happy about it, my grand father always would say that a pizza in Brighton means the whole meal of Brighton.