Sunday, 20 February 2011

Cafe Coho, Brighton, UK

I somehow stumbled on Cafe Coho on Twitter or they cleverly marketed themselves to me and it worked. Either way, in the torrential rain, the Today programme in one ear I set out along the sea front to check this place out. 
I'm glad I did. 

The cafe itself was nicely decked out and the barista was attentive and friendly. Coho serves Union beans and is obviously focused on selling high quality coffee. They serve hot food, sandwiches and a range of pastries but as you can see by the images below the coffee comes first.  

The black americano had a fantastic sweet taste. It was very broad with a rich aroma and this balance gave way to smooth creamy notes. No bitterness or soured points at all.

I returned at the weekend and found the second round was just as good. Flat whites and babychinos were also excellent. For a small and busy place we somehow managed to get two pushchairs in which is always comforting to know. 

They are working on a strong marketing push with heavy twitter activity and a website purely pushing a mailing list so expect for this house to be very full.

  • Black Americano
  • Strong
  • Sweet well balanced flavour
  • A trace of crema
  • Medium cup
  • £2.40 

Sweet, strong and smooth, everything joe should be. At last another great coffee house in Brighton, serving outstanding tasting coffee. 

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