Monday, 7 February 2011

Nia, Brighton, UK

This restaurant cafe is situated on the edge of the North lanes and with the large windows is very welcoming. Inside it is bright, light and certainly kid friendly with enough room for prams. The menu is quite wide and seemed very appealing.

My brother was a fan and took me here. We had all our girls plus our near teenage nephew in tow. It was a good choice being able to sit down right away with all our host of vehicles and clutter and the staff were unfazed by this circus. Unfortunately our waiter didn't process our order. The manager was great and not only immediately offered free drinks but what sold us was she had the waiter come over and personally apologise. This personal touch and fast management when the problem was discovered is to be applauded and removed any anger on our part. The food was probably rushed out too us and this resulted it in all being a bit mediocre but I have had good reviews from others so I think we were unlucky this time.

But I write about coffee not food or atmosphere. Well as much as it pains me as I wanted to like this place there is not much to see on this front either strong, smooth but very bitter. We both had the americano and on tasting our faces said it all. Watery on the front of the pallet but with considerable strength it seemed over espressed. The bitter after-taste was not too gritty but not at all pleasant.

Taken early in the morning. Not quite open yet.

  • Black Americano
  • Strong 
  • Generally smooth for overly bitter aftertaste
  • No Crema
  • Medium
  • £2.40

Sadly not very good at all but it was free so what can you say?

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