Sunday, 21 November 2010

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Weekend break

A slight hiatus in posting is over.

This break has been punctuated with a trip to Amsterdam, a city of many facets. A full and rigorous set of reviews of every cafe and coffee shop was planned for the visit. This action plan fell apart in around 5 minutes of meeting the rest of the party in a coffee shop; apathy set in and the reviews were suspended for the weekend.

Like much of the continent the general quality of coffee is several steps ahead of the UK. It seems even the most terrible dive can rustle up a half decent, well balanced cup of joe to lubricate the body and mind.

The trip consistent of all almost constant coffee consumption so the fact that the standard is that much higher was a blessing.

A couple of places I can pull out from the haze:

Cafe La Grotte where we had a super breakfast, strong coffee and friendly service but quite bizarre cave style decorations.

't BlaueTheehuis (Blue Tea House) in Vondel Park was a great place, I was taken there by my old pal Alf who lives out in dam now. Good coffee and a nice place to take someone on a date as the dark park is romantically lit by the night lighting.

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